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Wemyss Malts

Wemyss Malts Peat Chimney Non-Chill Filtered Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Wemyss Malts Peat Chimney Non-Chill Filtered Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

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Since our founding of Wemyss Malts in 2005, it has been independently run by brother and sister duo William and Isabella, who are kin of the Scottish Wemyss family. Enthused by his time spent with the expert wine blenders in Southern France, William Wemyss was inspired to create distinctive and bold Scottish whiskies. Isabella Wemyss, with her eye, and nose, for uncompromising quality, began to source exquisite single malts from Scotland and the very best oak casks from around the world. Our wider family of whisky makers include blenders and veteran specialists of the whisky industry including the expertise of whisky writer Charlie Maclean, whose very invention of the whisky flavour wheel inspired the naming of our flavour-led creations. We have a family history that inspires us every day to create contemporary spirits that celebrate our expertise and our adventurous endeavors in Scotland’s past.The Wemyss family has direct links to Scotland’s whisky history when Haig built the first distillery on their land in the Kingdom of Fife in 1840.Wemyss land in the Kingdom of Fife has been used for many decades to grow quality barley and continues to supply the very best to maltsters for Scotch malt whisky production, including our very own sister brand Kingsbarns Single Malt.The creative ingenuity of blending is what produces variety and complexity in life, whether that is whisky, wine, music, food, or culture. It is this creative ingenuity that inspires us to use our skills and techniques to craft distinctive Scotch malt whisky.Our adventure starts with the sourcing of mature single malt whisky from the from the vast whisky warehouses of Scotland. The unique skills of our trusted blenders take these precious ingredients and craft them into new and flavourful creations.We encourage exploration through our meticulously complex creations that use multi-regional recipes to offers distinct flavours that represent the key profiles that can be found in Scotch whisky production.

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