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Tiki Lovers

Tiki Lovers Dark Rum

Tiki Lovers Dark Rum

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TIKI LOVERS Pineapple has its roots in the past, when Caribbean distillers were macerating fresh pineapples in high proof sugar cane spirit, thereby adding an extra dimension of fruity deliciousness to the rum.

Created in 2015 following the success of TIKI LOVERS White and Dark Rums, TIKI LOVERS Pineapple is based on all-natural extracts of tropical pineapples sourced from South America. The fruits are harvested at the peak of ripeness, and their sweet and seductive juice is extracted by pressing. The unfermented juice is then stripped of some of its water content to emerge as a complex pineapple extract that does not water down the blend of rums.

The rum blend is composed of aged & unaged Jamaican pot-still rum from Hampden Estate and Worthy Park, 3-year-old Barbados Rum from Foursquare Distillery, aged in former Bourbon Whiskey barrels, and some young column still rums from both Trinidad and Guyana.

The rum blend, at a juicy 45% Alc. Vol. is then infused with the pineapple extraction and allowed to rest for several weeks. This gives the flavors of sugar cane time to mingle elegantly with fruity layers of juicy pineapple while maintaining the full and complex aromas of the rum blend that will evoke the flavor of the Caribbean islands and their long heritage of rum production.

TIKI LOVERS Pineapple is not the usual kind of flavored Rum. It’s bold, it’s funky, it is not hiding its Rum personality, and it stands out where it should. Best used in all drinks tropical or served with ginger beer.

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