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Tequila General

Tequila General Gorostieta Blanco

Tequila General Gorostieta Blanco

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Bright, luminous, white with silver hues, and full-bodied. Olfactory phase: At first impression, intense notes of caramel, vanilla, cooked agave, and dulce de leche develop due to its slow cooking. Fruity hints of red pomegranate, yellow plum, chico zapote, and citrus tones of grapefruit and lemon define the Alteño terroir. Light spicy notes of black pepper, floral aromas of rose petals, and subtle mineral tones due to its careful distillation compose its balanced profile. Tasting phase: Its first impression on the palate is silky, fully confirming its olfactory promise leaving traces of fruity, sweet, floral, and mineral flavors as well as the cooked agave taste. It’s a sweet and drawn-out mouthfeel.

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