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Tombo Schochu Soju Sake

Tombo Schochu Soju Sake

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Ages ago, Japan was called Akitsushima, “Land of Dragonflies” and Samurai armor was often adorned with dragonflies to symbolize strength. It is from this history and lore that Tombo rises. An authentic Honkaku Shochu, Tombo is single pot distilled from North American barley and white koji. Drawn from the head and body of the distillation process and aged six months in stainless steel tanks, Tombo retains full flavor yet is mellow and easy to sip. Despite similarities, Tombo Shochu is not vodka and you may find it more refined than its Korean relative known as soju. Tombo Shochu is best enjoyed slightly chilled and served neat, on the rocks, or mixed in a cocktail.

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