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Penelope Bourbon Trilogy Bundle

Penelope Bourbon Trilogy Bundle

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Dive into a curated journey of bourbon mastery with the Penelope Bourbon Trilogy Bundle. This ensemble, woven from three of Penelope’s exceptional offerings, promises a sensory expedition like no other.

1. Penelope Bourbon Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey: Named in honor of a recent joyous addition—a founder’s daughter—this signature four-grain straight bourbon whiskey is an intricate blend from three distinctive bourbon mash bills. Hand-selected barrels come together in a singular batch, delivering a smooth and flavorful profile. Whether savored neat or as the highlight of a cocktail, its balanced corn sweetness, light oak, and savory undertones shine brilliantly.

2. Penelope Toasted Barrel Finish Straight Bourbon Whiskey: Celebrating the whimsical dance of the toasting process, each bottle from this range stands as a testament to the varied results of chars and toasts. Originating from charred American oak barrels, its essence is magnified when finished in freshly toasted barrels. The outcome? A rich infusion of vanilla notes, further enhancing the signature Penelope taste. Each level of toast, from Heavy to Medium, unfolds a chapter in this serendipitous tale.

3. Penelope Bourbon Barrel Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey: Experience bourbon in its rawest form. Penelope Barrel Strength is a bold rendition of the signature four-grain balanced flavor profile. A blend from three bourbon mash bills aged in new American oak barrels, it’s uncut and non chill-filtered, promising an unadulterated bourbon experience.

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