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Old Forester

Old Forester 1910 "Old Fine Bourbon Whiskey" Bourbon Whiskey

Old Forester 1910 "Old Fine Bourbon Whiskey" Bourbon Whiskey

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The fourth member of the Old Forester Whiskey Row Series, which invites bourbon lovers to taste their way through Old Forester history through each unique expression. In 1910, a fire on the bottling line halted the production of Old Forester. Mature whisky that was ready to be bottled, was instead transferred and stored in a secondary barrel. What emerged from that second barrel was a delightful whisky, remarkable enough to become an entirely new expression – Old Fine Whisky. Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky, presented at 93 Proof, mimics this historical bottling with a small batch of barrels that have undergone a second barreling resulting in a smooth mingling of buttercream, sticky toffee and evolving spice that leads into a refined, charred oak finish.

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