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Old Elk

Old Elk Master's Blend Wheat N' Rye Whiskey

Old Elk Master's Blend Wheat N' Rye Whiskey

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The Master's Blend series by Old Elk introduces a fresh whiskey experience by combining the expertise of master distiller Greg Metze with our extensive collection of bourbon, rye, and other whiskeys. In this particular expression, Greg draws upon his extensive experience of over 40 years, during which he distilled millions of bottles of exceptional rye whiskey.

Wheat N' Rye is a thoughtfully curated blend that brings together our award-winning 7-Year Straight Wheat Whiskey and 6-Year Straight Rye Whiskey. This expertly crafted blend showcases the highly desired flavor profiles of both whiskies.

TASTING NOTES The contrasting characteristics of these two whiskies combine harmoniously to deliver a final taste profile that is both sweet and spicy.

ACCOLADES Gold | 2021 Beverage Testing Institute for Old Elk Rye Whiskey and Wheat Whiskey

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