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Montelobos Pechuga

Montelobos Pechuga

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Mezcal is a uniquely Mexican spirit. Known for its smoky flavors, mezcal has intriguing and mysterious variations in taste depending on the type of agave, terroir and production methods used. It is ancestral, inherently artisanal and has been around for at least 500 years.

To fiercely protect and preserve the traditional methods and communities, we created Montelobos Pechuga, a unique joven Mezcal Espadin distilled with a kosher turkey breast, seasonal fruits, and spices. 

Montelobos Pechuga is a unique joven Mezcal Espadin distilled for a third time with a kosher turkey breast, seasonal fruits, and spices. Our piñas are harvested and then roasted in an underground fire pit filled with volcanic stone for 4-5 days. This is what gives Montelobos mezcal its distinctive smoky flavor. Next, the roasted piñas are crushed under the weight of a traditional tahona wheel. The agave is then left in open-air pine vats to ferment. A triple-distilled, celebratory style mezcal, providing a sensory experience of all the spices and fruits that have been meticulously selected.

Savor the distinctive taste of tropical fruits, roasted almonds, and maple honey. Feel the unique flavors of orange peel, pumpkin and nutmeg. Enjoy our mezcal Pechuga neat or on the rocks. 

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