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Levant Heights

Levant Heights Malt & Wheat Lebanese Whisky

Levant Heights Malt & Wheat Lebanese Whisky

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Levant Heights is a Lebanese craft whisky forged in the heart of Mount Lebanon by Riachi Winery & Distillery. This unique spirit has an unmistakably rebellious soul, that pushes the boundaries of whisky craft and explores its fringes.

This world-class release is made from malted barley mashed and fermented with wheat, which is then triple distilled and aged in white oak. This process produces an exceptionally smooth and balanced whisky, appealing to a wide variety of palates.

To the nose, a wave of almond layered with oak wood and caramelized biscuits coalesce with earthy smoke, forming an ensemble that is reminiscent of old islander whiskies, yet unmistakably Levant Highlands. On the palate, ripples of baking spices, yellow fruits and vanilla cake bask your taste buds with a glorious and creamy texture, complemented with a long and mellow sweet smoke finish.

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