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Levant Heights

Levant Heights Dark Malt Lebanese Whisky

Levant Heights Dark Malt Lebanese Whisky

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Levant Heights is a Lebanese craft malt whisky forged in the heart of Mount Lebanon by Riachi Winery & Distillery. This unique spirit has an unmistakably rebellious soul, that pushes the boundaries of whisky craft and explores its fringes.

This release is a tribute to the Lebanese heights of Mount Hermon, home to the palace of Baal, the Canaanite god of the seasons and fertility. Its pathos is reflected in its rich and aromatic profile which makes it suitable for the colder times of the year, yet light bodied and can be savored in the warmer months.

This pure malt release is made from highly roasted imperial DARK malted barley designed for high quality porter & Stout beer.

it is double distilled in out copper gooseneck still and aged in virgin white oak, bestowing wonderful notes of vanilla, condensed milk, Maple syrup & molasses complemented with waves of chocolate, toffee, and roasted espresso.

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