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Kula Dark Rum

Kula Dark Rum

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Kula Dark Rum was distilled and blended with the classic Hawaiian Mai Tai in mind. It is 95 proof to help it float perfectly on top, but brings some serious flavor to the cocktail. The color is dark and rich, so is the flavor. On the nose it brings all the aroma of the best aged rums. It suggests molasses, oak and hints of dark caramel.

Although we suggest using it on your best Mai Tai, KULA Dark is not a one-dimensional ingredient for cocktails. It can be sipped neat or over ice, surprisingly smooth and pleasantly approachable even at its higher proof. The aged rum character shines through on the front, leaving subtle sweetness, all held in check by just the right amount of oak-iness - then finally a touch of caramel and dark cacao in the finish.

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