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Kelt Commodore Cognac Tour de Monde

Kelt Commodore Cognac Tour de Monde

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Kelt is the No. 1 cognac in the world because:

•Each cask of the eau de vieis aged separately before blending. After blending, the cognac is put back into the original casks, filled to 70% capacity, with a 30% air cavity

•The cask are then sent to the French port of LeHavre, where they are loaded onto the top deck of an Evergreen Lines ship, for a 90 day Tour du Monde, French for “circling the world”

•Limousin oak is very porous, containing the two most important components cellarmasters look for in cognac, vanilla and nutmeg

•On the voyage, the rolling of the ship helps the cognac slosh around in the casks so that all of the spirit comes in contact
with the Limousin oak barrels, extracting more vanilla, nutmeg, and tannins from casks than other cognacs

•The temperature and barometric pressure fluctuates during the sea voyage, causing the casks’ staves to expand and contract,
releasing cask air and taking in sea air

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