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Kamiki Japanese Malt Whisky

Kamiki Japanese Malt Whisky

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Kamiki is a premium whisky from Japan with a unique second maturation whereby it is rested for a second time in Japanese Cedar- Hence Kamiki is ; “World’s first Japanese Cedar cask finish whisky brand” • Multiple awarded (over 15 accolades) globally • Blessed by Omiwa Shrine (2000 years old) Priest (one of the oldest Shinto Shrines in Japan)

Nose: A perfectly balanced heather honey and sandalwood. Palate: Sweet caramel, Japanese plum and balanced oak with peat Finish: Hints of toffee and a long lasting finish with a zest of green tea Whisky Bible 2020 Tasting Notes KAMIKI (90.50 POINTS) With his own words: “…. another new experience for me after 30 years of doing this job. I have, in the past, had oak casks which have offered a cedar aroma…but never cedar itself! A sedate whisky but with a definite twist…” Whisky Bible 2021 Tasting Notes: KAMIKI (91.00 POINTS) ….even more cedary than their last bottling: wow much more barley prevalent, allowing a healthy gristiness to flourish before unique tannin fingerprint start to make its mark…such a different whisky. And it appears every batch has its own twist and take on matters. Fascinating…and delicious!

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