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Holmes Cay

Holmes Cay Single Cask Belize 2006 16 Year Old Rum

Holmes Cay Single Cask Belize 2006 16 Year Old Rum

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The Belize 2006 16 Year edition is a rum from Travellers Liquors Distillery in Belize, made from all molasses and distilled in a manually operated column still. It has been exclusively aged in ex-bourbon casks for 16 years, resulting in a rich, fruity flavor profile with hints of caramel, stone fruit, and cacao. This edition is the only single cask Travellers Distillery rum from an independent bottler that is 100% tropically aged and bottled in Belize, with no additives of any kind. It is bottled at full proof, or 61% alcohol by volume, and is a limited edition with only 4 casks being released in 2022. On the nose, it has notes of caramel, vanilla, and plum, with toffee and a hint of cacao on the tongue and a medium-length finish that returns to stone fruit and oak. It is best enjoyed neat with a splash of water.

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