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Hardin’s Creek

Hardin’s Creek Kentucky Series Clermont Bourbon

Hardin’s Creek Kentucky Series Clermont Bourbon

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Hardin's Creek Clermont is aged at the James B. Beam Distilling Co. in Clermont and bottled at the grand age of 204 months. The nuanced terroir and microclimates shaped by the rigid and rolling hills, the cool wind against the shelter of the valleys, and the pockets of rack houses placed close together, are aglow year-round beneath the strong Kentucky sunlight, making the unique contours of Clermont discernable in every pour.


Color: Rich amber with darker tones

Nose: Burnt sugar tripled with matured toasted oak and sweet vanilla

Palate: Forward caramelized oak, followed by brown spices and hints of seasoned leather

Finish: Smooth & sweet with lingering warmth

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