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Glyph Spice Whiskey

Glyph Spice Whiskey

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In 2015, Mardonn came across a Napa Valley Chardonnay that changed the way he thought about fine wines and spirits forever. This particular vintage, due to its age and pedigree, had become too valuable to open. As a wine enthusiast, Mardonn began to wonder what good a bottle serves if it can’t be tasted. As a scientist, he asked himself: was it possible to create the same renowned wine without conventional production methods?Those questions were the genesis of Endless West. Mardonn joined forces with Alec, a fellow scientist and renegade spirit, and Josh, a sommelier with a knack for unconventional thinking. What began as an obsession with the molecular components of wine turned into an exploration of spirits, too. Our first challenge was to create a high-quality whiskey using a fraction of the usual resources: a smooth, charismatic whisky that sips like it’s been stored away for years, despite having never seen the inside of a barrel.Our journey begins with spirits, but when it comes to opportunities for exploration in food and drink, the horizon is endless.

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