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Glyph Royal Whiskey

Glyph Royal Whiskey

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Glyph crafts their whiskies in less cthan 24 hours using their note by note production methods. While typically distilleries develop flavor molecules through distilling and aging, Glyph has revolutionized this process through the careful selection of flavor and aroma molecules. These are extracted from natural sources of plants and yeast and fused into refined spirits. Glyphs first release, Glyph Original, won over 14 awards within its first two years including Platinum in the 2020 SIP Competition. Glyph Royal is one of their molecular spirits and is inspired by Old World Scotch. With a full-bodied warm and luscious feel, it offers notes of coffee, wood, dried fruit, burnt sugar, fig, and sherry. The finish ends with a light touch of citrus. Enjoy Glyph Royal neat and enjoy it’s carefully selected structure and complexities!

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