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Fiero Tequila Blanco Infused with Habanero Pepper

Fiero Tequila Blanco Infused with Habanero Pepper

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Fiero Habanero Tequila is the spiciest infused tequila in the U.S., blending the highest-quality, authentic Mexican tequila with LOCALLY GROWN HABANERO PEPPERS for a flaming agave experience. This signature tequila is made for those who never shy away from a challenge.

Fiero translates to fearlessness, and a courageous, defiant spirit. We know that those who dare to drink Fiero Habanero Tequila embody our bold, and unapologetically spicy, spirit.

Spice fanatics will have met their match with Fiero Habanero Tequila since habaneros are among the spiciest peppers available — 40 times spicier than jalapeño peppers on the Scoville Heat Scale.

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