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El Espolon Blanco

El Espolon Blanco

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El Espolon Tequila Blanco is the purest expression of Espolon tequila. There is no better way to start any tequila cocktail than with El Espolon Tequila at the lowest price. Created in the highlands of Jalisco as a tequila for the people, El Espolon Tequila Blanco is inspired by and a tribute to Mexican culture. 

The tequila liquor is handcrafted from 100% Blue Weber Agave and is double distilled with the use of column and pot stills with the goal of giving it a smooth, balanced taste. Infused with notes of agave, tropical fruit, lemon zest, and a touch of pepper, this tequila is able to provide a soft mouthfeel and a clean finish while combining notes of agave, tropical fruit, and lemon zest. You can enjoy this tequila on the rocks or shake it into one of your favorite tequila cocktails, like a Margarita or El Espolon Tequila Paloma, which is the national cocktail of Mexico. 

El Espolon Tequila, an award-winning brand that has won the Impact 'Hot Brand' award for 5 consecutive years, is considered to be one of the fastest-growing premium tequila brands in the US. El Espolon Tequila Blanco is a 750 ml bottle containing 40% alcohol by volume and should be sipped responsibly as it contains 40% alcohol by volume. Buy 1 get 1 free today for the best price.

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