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Dr. Stoner’s

Dr. Stoner’s Fresh Herb Vodka

Dr. Stoner’s Fresh Herb Vodka

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Dr. Stoner’s Fresh Herb Vodka is small batch, craft made by infusing 19 fresh herbs to provide a unique, crazy good experience in spirit libations.  Immediately upon opening a bottle, you will note primary aromas of pine, mint, and herb. Secondary tastes of natural citrus and fresh botanical essences make for a lively profile. In 2017, this vodka won a double gold medal in New York's best vodka.  It was also voted MetroCall's best flavored vodka and named an industry darling grass roots brand.  At 84 proof, Dr. Stoner’s Fresh Herb Vodka can be served neat, chilled straight up or over ice and has a remarkably smooth finish!

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