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Don Fulano

Don Fulano Añejo

Don Fulano Añejo

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Don Fulano is one of very few 100% Estate-grown, family-owned tequilas produced from ground to bottle - made by fifth-generation agave farmers using only handpicked mature agave plants, proprietary yeast and volcanic spring water, without additives. A true representation of authentic artisan tequila.

Don Fulano Añejo is a marriage of very old tequilas aged in French Limousin and Nevers oak casks that previously held wines. It is deep and complex with dried fruits and spice elements like cardamom and allspice which complement elegantly the right touch of sweetness that comes from slowly cooked mature agave. Honey and caramelized nuts emerge from a long finish together with refreshing light menthol. Great to wrap up a nice dinner.

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