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Divino Maguey Tepeztate

Divino Maguey Tepeztate

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Its name is derived from the word "Tepetl" which in Nahuatl means mountain or mount, which undoubtedly refers to where this agave can be found since it is generally located on cliffs in the mountains.

This is a 100% Mexican product in its ingredients and its processes. Remember that by purchasing this product, you support the Mexican countryside and the preservation of our traditions.

Tasting Notes

  • Visually: At sight, it is clean and bright.
  • Aromas: The alcoholic note is smooth despite the graduation content. The predominant aromas are fruity and floral.
  • Taste: A mineral taste predominates with a harmony of flavors of cooked agave and herbal touches, harmonious, balanced, and full-bodied.
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