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Divino Maguey Mezcal Cuishe

Divino Maguey Mezcal Cuishe

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Divino Maguey Mezcal Cuishe 750ml - Its name originates from the Zapotec language because, as this agave grows, it dries the lower leaves of its pineapple until it takes the shape of a person with bristling hair. It earned the name cuishe or cuixe, which means dirty or disheveled person.

This is a 100% Mexican product in its ingredients and processes. Remember that by purchasing this product, you support the Mexican countryside and the preservation of our traditions.

Tasting Notes

  • Visually: Clean and bright.
  • Aromas: Intense starts with mineral notes with a great presence of green olive notes.
  • Taste - Dry in the mouth, with herbal notes, and slightly bitter.
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