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Murai Family

Diaiginjo Sake: Murai Family

Diaiginjo Sake: Murai Family

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Murai Family’s passion is shown in nearly 200 years handcrafting some of the finest saké in Aomori Prefecture under the name Momokawa Brewing of Japan. The Murai Family inherited brewing rights from Miura, a brewery that ushered in the modern era of saké in the 1800s at the end of the Edo (Samurai) Period. In the U.S. their saké is presented under the Murai Family name and each bottle is recognized by the Nebuta Warrior image, widely known from the famous Aomori Summer festival. Like that warrior emblazoned on their bottles, the Murai Family portfolio is fueled by a fierce, multi-generational passion for re-defining perfection.Known in the United States as Murai Family, the brewery is called Momokawa Brewing in Japan. The predecessor to Momokawa Brewing, Miura, had been brewing saké since the Edo (Samurai) Period. The Murai Family inherited their brewing rights in 1889 and founded Momokawa Brewing in Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, Japan.Murai Family’s brewing history is hallmarked by their consistency in producing outstanding saké, evident in their impressive list of awards. They are the winner of the Gold Award at the internationally renowned Japan Sake Awards for 10 years running. And for an even more incredible 67 years in a row, they are the recipient of the “Nanbu Toji Saké Appraisal Award,” holding the mantle as the only brewery to achieve this long-running success.

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