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Crown Royal

Crown Royal Peach & Salted Caramel Canadian Whisky Bundle

Crown Royal Peach & Salted Caramel Canadian Whisky Bundle

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The finest Crown Whiskies, hand-selected by Crown Royal Master Blenders, are combined in this seasonally inspired Crown Royal Salted Caramel Flavored Whisky. Prior to bottling at 70 proof, the expression is blended with natural flavors. Caramel apple and cinnamon spice smells can be detected in this cheerful, candy-inspired whisky. The salted caramel flavors in the finish provide a delectable counterpoint to the whisky's robust flavor. The finish is decadently smooth and warm.

Crown Royal's Limited Edition Crown Royal Peach Flavored Whisky adds some juicy sweetness to any season. The master blender at Crown Royal painstakingly chooses the whiskies for this exceptional blend and infuses them with the luscious flavor of genuine Georgia peaches. A delightful Canadian whisky that is brimming with the exquisite flavor of peach and the characteristic smoothness of Crown Royal is the end product. On the rocks or combined with iced tea, Crown Royal Peach Whisky makes a tasty cocktail.

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