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Clairin Communal Rum

Clairin Communal Rum

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Tasting Notes
Profile: Heady and fruity.
Nose: Deep and captivating. Sugar cane, heady flowers, pear.
Palate: Balanced and slightly smoked. Battery syrup, vegetal notes.
Finish: Elegant and fragrant. Cut hay, pepper.

43% alc./vol

Clairin Communal is the fruit of the formidable association of clairins from the villages of Cavaillon, Barradères, Pignon and St-Michel de l'Attalaye, and truly embodies the Haitian motto “L’Union fait la force”. Assembling the Sajous, Vaval, Casimir and Le Rocher clairins, it is thus a clairin produced from pure cane juice and syrup. The sugar cane is organic, grown without pesticides. Fermentation is done with natural yeasts and distillation takes place in small pot stills. Clairin Communal is reduced to 43%. It is both a tasting spirit and the perfect ally in mixology.
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