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Casa 1921 Tequila Cream Liqueur Irresistable Edition

Casa 1921 Tequila Cream Liqueur Irresistable Edition

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Our special edition “Irresistible” was inspired to celebrate the 10th. Anniversary of 1921® Cream, also known as “The cream of Mexico”, a tribute to the years in which we have revived the essence of our culture representing not only the passion for our country, but its traditions and customs.

Energy, life, force, love … are just some of the emotions that this color expresses, such is why we chose “Rosa Mexicano”, because beyond those feelings, it is also part of our values and actual culture. It is considered more than a simple color, an element of national identity and a symbol of Mexican charisma.

The fame of this color was thanks to the journalist, painter, cartoonist and designer Ram an Mexican Valdiosera, as in 1949 introduced the world to the connotation of this shade of pink is now part of the national culture that reflects the joy and characteristics rooted in Mexico.

Definitely our “Rosa Mexicano” is a color that illuminates villages, facades, toys and textiles projecting the essence of Mexico and its people.

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