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Barisal Nebbiolo 2018

Barisal Nebbiolo 2018

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100% Nebbiolo

View: very intense plum color, with violet edges that denote youth clean, bright and luminous that indicates that it is a healthy and well-made wine. High density with thick legs that go down slowly and that gives us a sign of good generosity in the alcohol.

 Nose: authentic complex, floral notes of violets, fruity aromas of currants, blackberries and blueberries. with a final aroma of spices such as anise and nutmeg. the woody touch in great harmony ends up giving a very elegant note to the aromatic aspect

Mouth: good body, dry taste and long finish. Rich acidity that gives a fresh touch with firm and present tannins. It has a long finish in the mouth with an aftertaste that confirms its fruitiness.

 pairing: dishes of good intensity such as cuts of meat, lamb, venison, lamb, sauce dishes and powerful cheeses.

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