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Asombroso Eros Tequila Reposado

Asombroso Eros Tequila Reposado

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Only the finest Blue Weber agave is utilized, cultivated in the fertile volcanic earth of Jalisco and cared for by adept agave farmers. The tequila experiences an exceptional 9 month maturation process, initiating with the barrel staves being enveloped with the sweet essence of cooked agave that has been caramelized into the timber of the "11 Year-Vintage" barrels. With estate-raised piñas, the tequila is subsequently introduced to the barrels, gently rolled to amplify the inherent oak and agave tastes. Following a 9 month rest, the outcome is the reposado tequila, Eros: a richly sweet and flavorful spirit with a soft amber hue, perfect for savoring, served on ice, or mixed in cocktails.

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