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Licor 43

Licor 43

Licor 43

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Licor 43 is a premium liqueur produced in Cartagena, Spain, from a secret Spanish family recipe of 43 natural ingredients which includes Mediterranean citrus fruit and selected botanicals. Its complex, but harmonic flavor profile can be perceived at four levels: the reminiscence to the lively aromas of Mediterranean citrus gardens, the botanic and subtle spiced touch of coriander, the sweet palate of mature fruit and nuances of vanilla, and the floral notes of Mediterranean orange and lemon blossom.

Licor 43 is distributed in more than 80 markets and can be easily found in major retailers. The Carajillo is the signature cocktail and the key growth driver behind the brand. The perfect Carajillo is made with equal parts Licor 43 and coffee. This drink can be served shaken and poured over ice or layered over ice. It’s all down to the ingredients, which deliver layered flavors of citrus, floral, sweet and botanic. It’s these flavors, and how they harmonise with the ingredients of different serves, such as mixed with coffee, that makes Licor 43 Original so versatile.

Licor 43 (also referred to as cuarenta y tres) is a type of licores or premium vanilla liqueur that hails from Spain. Its flavor and aroma are often compared to that of tuaca liqueur, an Italian brandy liqueur that also has predominant notes of vanilla and citrus. Although compared to the latter, this Spanish liqueur also offers an aromatic salvo of different Mediterranean fruits, herbs, and spices. 

Licor 43 is a beloved vanilla liqueur, particularly in European countries, Mexico, and the US. But what is it, exactly? This amazing drink is a Spanish vanilla liqueur made of a blend of 43 fruits, herbs, and spices; hence its name. 

It takes its origins from the Cartagena region of Spain. The recipe for this 43 liqueur is ancient, dating back to as far as 209 BC. Back then, it was more of a spiced wine called liqvor mirabilis or miracle liqueur. It was made secretly because its production was forbidden. Notably, the bottled version that we know today was actually one that was acquired by Spanish spirits producer Diego Zamora and his family in the year 1946.

The exact composition of this vanilla liqueur is unknown, as the distillery has kept it a secret from the public ever since. However, it’s general knowledge that vanilla, citrus fruits, Mediterranean orange, lemon blossom, and coriander are among the most noticeable flavors.

Although the recipe isn’t disclosed to the public, the official website of the liqueur’s distillery assures that it’s gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and free from common allergens like nuts and eggs.

Licor 43 ingredients are macerated, fused, rested, and filtered together to create a blend that’s semi-sweet, with notes of tartness from the citrus and warmth from the spices. The liqueur also has a floral and botanical quality and an aged-rum feel.

In terms of appearance, Licor 43 has a distinct shiny, bright yellow color since it has undergone a microfiltration process. It’s widely available in 80 markets worldwide, and you can easily buy it from major retailers. 

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